The Colonnade Pool will be opening for the 2022 season on Saturday, May 28th at 11:30am. 

Any Colonnade resident in good standing with the HOA is entitled to use either the Remington Apartments pool or Forum Terrace pool this summer.

Pool passes can be obtained from the Remington Apartments rental office at 21000 Stanford Square.  The rental office hours are 10am-6pm daily.

Please note that PMP is not involved in pool pass production or management of the pool facilities.  Any questions related to pool passes or pool facility concerns should be addressed with Remington Apartments during the above noted rental office hours.  The phone number is 703-433-0000.

Pool passes are only valid for one year.  New passes are issued in the spring. If you need a new pass, you must visit the Remington Apartments rental office in person. Please bring a separate photograph of each family member needing a pass. Any photograph similar to a passport type picture is fine. They will cut out the “head shots” of the family member and laminate it to the pass.

Please remember that all pool members and their guests must agree to and abide by the pool rules.